Friday, February 20, 2009

Organic Caramel Candy

They're DELICIOUS!! After trying several brands and types of candy, I found one that is so good (caramel flavor but they make all sorts of candies including Lollipops) and tastes so much like any other hard caramel candy. It has great texture, melts like any other candy and best of all, it's organic. College Farm Organic makes these awesome hard candies, I bought them at Tunies Nutrition Center; but
college farm organic has a list of where to buy these yummy candies near you and delicious organics sells them too. They're also environmentally friendly-- the label says "... the wrappers are made of a fully-compostable material made from renewable resources...", they also have NO Gluten, Nuts, Soy,Eggs or GMO's. They're so great-- I love these candies!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Finally a NATURAL 100% toxic free deodorant-- Alvera

I can't believe it, finally a 100% toxic free deodorant!!!!  This is soooo good-- Alvera roll-on deodorant.  I personally like the aloe & almonds roll-on, it has a very, very mild scent and I stay dry most of the day.  I've tried absolutely everything from liken plant brand to using crystal deodorant and they both work ok but not great.  Alvera absolutely works, the label reads  "... all natural, all vegetable deodorant formula is designed to keep you dry and odor-free throughout the entire day" is very accurate.  I did find however that it didn't keep me dry enough when I played sports e.g. tennis.  Over all it's great and best of all non-toxic. I bought this at Wholefoods  and I know it's available at healthfood stores like Tunies or Greenwise, you can also get it online at