Friday, July 31, 2009

Natural Flea & Tick Treatment for Dogs

If you have a pet, then this is a must product for you. For the first time ever, I found ticks on our beloved puppy (he's 9!). I didn't want to give him the traditional preventative chemical based treatment and went on a mission to find him a natural tick treatment. After trying several (they definitely didn't work), I stumbled upon what I refer to as the 'miracle spray'. Nature's Defender is 100% all natural, DEET-free and safe to use on your pets. It's made of cedar oil and silane fluid, and if you don't mind the smell of pine cones or a cedar forest then you'll want to try it!!! You can get it at or call 1-866-599-0449. "Finally a product that is safe and is far superior to any chemicals that you've been using ... endorsed by the U.S.D.A. leading scientist Dr.Bradford." The application is simple, I parted his hair on his back and neck and sprayed a small amount and massaged it in all over. Wouldn't you know that the only place I didn't put it he got a tick, back to the spray bottle for him!! We haven't used it in a bit and they haven't come back. It is also available for your lawn and home. The perfect pest solution for your furry, four-legged family members!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Perfect Toxin-Free iPhone Cover

I love my iPhone 3G and needed a nice but practical cover, which I found at . They have a great selection of colors and styles. I bought the swirling series in white-- it looks great, it's easy to grip, doesn't stick and most importantly it doesn't slip easily. The best part-- it's "lead, mercury and cadmium (a toxic metal) safe." I can't wait to get more colors! They also have covers for the iPod Touch & Nano, Blackberry and more.